Art Damaged

Art Damaged is a glossy insider’s tale that is set behind the scenes of the contemporary art world in Orange County. The story follows Nina Valliere, a glamorous and alluring artist who works in a contemporary art museum. Nina juggles the men in her life and copes with a snarky, man-hungry boss from hell, and a high-strung alcoholic director while pursuing credibility as an emerging artist.

The beguiling and worldly Nina and her coterie of characters take the reader on an art-filled odyssey.

Complications arise and a scandalous turn of events threatens to compromise the museum and Nina’s future. A stylish romp through the recesses and chicanery of the art world, museum administration politics, and inner office intrigues, Art Damaged is an insightful and entertaining debut novel.

Radio talk show host Rick Anthony of Hollywood Up & Close said about ART DAMAGED: “Writer Nora Novak’s new mystery novel ‘Art Damaged’ is a perfect late night read or one to put in your tote bag for a day at the beach.”

Qantas executive Matt Banegas calls ART DAMAGED, “A provocative romp through the seemingly staid world of the business of art. The clever descriptions of personalities and the details of the social spotlight make the prose sparkle.” 

San Francisco artist Josephine DeBudda writes, “Anyone who has ever wondered about the secret life of the art world will fall in love with this fabulous tale.”  

Long Beach, CA account executive Tina Esquivel declares, “If you are looking for a fun book to read and have secretly wondered what certain women have that turns men’s heads, I highly suggest ART DAMAGED. I haven’t been so caught up in reading a book since Jackie Collins’ Rock Star.”

Minnesota travel writer Barry Kazmer effused, “I loved this book!”

San Luis Obispo, CA English instructor and author (Seeing the Light) June Chen states, “The plot has mystery and intrigue and moves at a rapid pace. Novak’s portrayal is unique, and the novel is mesmerizing!”

Author Nora Novak explains, “I wanted to give readers a taste of what goes on behind the scenes in the contemporary art world. I intended to show that a museum is not just a sedate and stately enclave of whitewashed walls and rotating exhibits, but a stronghold for scandal, where colorful, charismatic characters reside. Originally, the book was targeted at women 25-60 who are interested in art, fashion and a juicy story, but I have been delighted to learn that male readers are also responding quite positively.”

Some readers have characterized ART DAMAGED as the art industry’s equivalent to The Devil Wears Prada, but done more playfully. This hip, urban, fast-paced novel is an exposé of the contemporary art scene in Southern California. It is a quasi-memoir, as well as being a post-modern parody of contemporary pulp novels. It is replete with suspense, mayhem, humor and shocking surprises that lend a cinematic feel.